Sell Your House

Or just a portion of it...

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Why sell only a portion of my house?

Mortgage relief

Ditch your mortgage

Realise any capital gains

Get rid of your mortgage

Continue living in your home

Build a property portfolio without interest

Being able to remove a mortgage for your life means that the income you earn is all yours. Interest you were paying now goes in to your pocket. This gives you more options for investment, paying down other debts, or just enjoying life that little bit more.


Build your legacy

Cashflow your retirement

Stay in your forever home

Realise capital gains from your home

Continue to build your legacy

You have worked hard, it’s time to enjoy the rest of your life! Need extra money for travelling? Or maybe that new e-bike has your name on it! With Housies you can sell down a portion of your house to fund your retirement.

Buy quality New Zealand property
From only $100 a share

Why sell only a portion of my house?

Family Matters

Mortgage keeping you awake

Split the property between parties

Stay in your home with part ownership

Buy more as you can afford

Build Equity without paying interest

We realise that sometimes life can throw you a curve-ball. Things can get pretty complex, however, we have made it really simple to be able to split your property asset without the hassle!

Turn Equity Into Cash

Buy shares together

Sell down your mortgage

Buy back shares $100 at a time

Recieve property income

Continue to grow your portfolio

From just $100 you can start to build your property portfolio. Investors receive property income from the people who live in the house AND receive any capital gains when you sell your shares to other Housies investors!