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Housies is here to make property attainable for all kiwis.

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Making Property Ownership Accessible For All Kiwi’s.

No Deposit

Buy Property From $100

No Mortgage


Guardian Investors reside in a Housies property. They take on the responsibility of maintaining the property and enjoy the perks of homeownership without the burden of a mortgage.

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Investors can buy shares in a property starting at just $100. Over time, they can achieve capital gains and receive income from the property’s guardians.

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Vendors have an option to sell some, or all of their property. Reduce (or remove!) your mortgage or get some extra cashflow from your property.

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Buy quality New Zealand property
From only $100 a share


  • Security of tenure
  • Low deposit from 2%
  • Buy more as you can afford
  • Build Equity without interest

Live in the house you invest in! Guardian investors can get on the property ladder from as little as 2% ownership in a property AND buy more of the home over time as you can afford it. Don't worry about a mortgage, other kiwis will back you by buying the rest of the house!


  • From $100/share
  • No Mortgage
  • Receive Property Income
  • Sell Shares to Other Investors

From just $100 you can start to build your property portfolio. Investors receive property income from the people who live in the house AND receive any capital gains when you sell your shares to other Housies investors!


  • Fixed 1.6% Commission
  • FREE Marketing
  • No Open Homes
  • Mortgage Relief

Conveniently sell some, or all, of your property! Cashflow your retirement or relieve mortgage pressure without moving out of the home you have grown attached to.


We understand that this is a new concept. Here are the list of the most common questions people ask us.